4 Common Self Storage Myths

Posted January 24, 2020

computer-generated drawing of a self storage facility with a moving truck and boxes sitting outside

At The Jenkins Organization, we know self storage. However, not everyone does. Many of our customers are using self storage for the first time in their lives. For these customers and for those interested in self storage for the first time, there are a few myths that persist, despite being totally false. Let’s take on four of these myths and bust them.

You’re Locked into Rent for a Long Time

While some units and facilities do require a specified term length in a lease, it’s important to remember that storage facilities aren’t apartments. Most of the time, rents are on a month-to-month basis. This allows storage unit renters to change units easily if their storage needs change, and it opens up the door to those who might only need storage for just a few months. There are a lot of reasons to use self storage, after all!

Storage Facilities are Bare and Dingy

Many of us have seen a TV show or a movie that has depicted a shady, dingy, poorly lit storage facility as a place for an action scene or drama. However, that’s not often the case with our premium spaces. Our facilities are well-lit and secure. Many of them feature interior and exterior units, with features such as climate control, freight elevators, and digital keycodes. Plus, our friendly staff is on hand to keep an eye on everything and lend a hand when you need it.

Storage Facilities are Only for Junk

There’s sometimes an association between storage units and hoarding or junk collections. While that’s the case every once in a while—we all have a little junk in our lives—self storage can be useful for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Student storage (between terms or over the summer)
  • Moving storage (to help grease the logistical wheels of selling your home)
  • Life event storage (moving in with a roommate or in enacting an estate sale)
  • Temporary storage (for renovations or for repairs after storm damage)

Self storage isn’t just for any one type of item or variety of belongings. It can be a surprisingly versatile solution for your storage needs.

Storage Facilities are Only for Personal Items

Self storage is only for personal items, right? Businesses can just store items in their office or warehouse, right?

Wrong! Self storage is an excellent solution for businesses, especially small businesses, that need a little more space for inventory or office supplies. Many of our facilities can even take packages for you, too, making your logistics that much easier.

Your Storage Needs aren’t a Myth

While these storage myths need to be busted, your storage needs aren’t a myth. We all need storage at some point in our lives. Whether you are renovating your house, are going through a difficult life event, are looking to downsize, or have simply outgrown your current call, self storage could be your answer. Check out our list of premium spaces at The Jenkins Organization to find the storage unit nearest you!