Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage This Summer?

Posted July 11, 2020 in Self Storage Tips

Storing your items during the summer means making the right decision with the features and amenities that come with your storage unit. We get asked all the time, especially in cities with extreme summer heat like Brenham, TX, “Do I need climate controlled storage?”

It gets hot in Texas during the summer, especially around Brenham. If you choose an outdoor unit with no climate control, the heat could cause permanent damage to your belongings.

a family is outdoors in the Texas summer heat grilling while the rest of their family sits around a picnic table

What is climate controlled storage?

Traditional drive-up storage units don’t have air conditioners or other temperature controls. When the temperature rises outside, the heat builds up inside. Climate controlled storage units keep the interior a consistent temperature and humidity level. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about mildew growth from high moisture levels or warping due to extreme temperatures.

3 Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

It protects against extreme temperatures.

The average high in Brenham is almost 80 degrees. Once the summer really heats up, the daytime temperatures can reach into and beyond the upper 90s. When you store your items in a climate controlled unit, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside. Your belongings will remain at a comfortable temperature inside.

The air quality is top notch.

What is climate controlled storage without a consistent temperature and high-quality air? You can feel the difference between the air in a traditional unit and one with climate control. The humidity and temperature are just right, so your belongings will be protected from humid, mildew-conducive air that might negatively impact the smell of what’s in your unit.

Say goodbye to dust and pests.

Climate controlled units don’t have the same problem that traditional units have. There’s no worry about cracks and gaps where pests could come in and damage your belongings. Fewer cracks and crevices means far less dust in the unit, keeping all of your belongings clean and free of invasive pests.

Do I need climate controlled storage in Brenham, TX?

Absolutely! Your belongings need to be protected from the extreme heat and climate in Brenham. The heat could warp your record collection, furniture, or other temperature-sensitive items. We have storage units available with climate control, giving you added peace of mind and protecting your belongings no matter the weather outside. Reserve your climate control unit in Brenham, TX, today.