When You First Move in Together: A Guide

Posted April 7, 2022 in Lifestyle

Couple dancing back to back and laughing in the kitchen.

Whether you’ve just gotten married or are interested in taking your relationship with your partner to the next level, living with another person can be challenging—we all remember college. Living with a significant other is even more challenging because the stakes can be much higher if you and your partner can’t achieve a harmonious existence.

However, anyone who has been married or in a committed relationship long enough will tell you that understanding each other’s living styles is a process. Throughout the first year of living with your partner, there are a few key milestones and challenges you’re likely to encounter along the way.

Before You Move in Together

Depending on the circumstances of your upcoming relationship you may have to consider different challenges. If you’re moving in with your partner and aren’t married, you have to consider whether or not the relationship is strong enough for you two to live together. It’s scary to think about this, but it’s always best to have a contingency plan in place. When you first move in together, it’s a fact that arguments will happen, but learning to compromise and maintain open lines of communication is crucial to leading a happy coexistence.

However, if you’re married, you’re probably a little less worried about things working out, but you’re probably still worried about arguments. It can be scary to argue with your spouse, especially when things are so new, but it’s okay to argue as long as you communicate effectively with your partner and work to come to a solution as a team. 

Preparing to Move in Together

Before you move in together, you’ll want to do some downsizing of your own. Start by going through your items and sorting them between keep, sell, or donate. Keep in mind the areas that will quickly become crowded when you’re joining two households together are the closets, kitchen cabinets, and the bathroom. 

Once you’ve done your own downsizing, invite your partner over to discuss which items should be kept and which should be given away or sold. It doesn’t make sense to have two of everything so you and your partner will have to make cuts on what furniture stays and goes.

As you’re going through this process, there will probably be items that neither of you wants to part with. Don’t! If you both have items that are important to you, pack those items into boxes and get them ready for storage. An opportunity will present itself for those items to see the light of day soon. 

One Month After Living with Your Partner

The first month living together is probably the most challenging of the milestones, but if you’ve made it this far, congratulations! This milestone is all about learning more about each other’s habits and ironing out any hiccups in the cleaning schedule. You might also be feeling a little overwhelmed with all the stuff in your home, especially if one of you moved in with the other and held off on renting a place together.

Three Months After Moving in Together

By the three-month mark, you should have sorted out any initial kinks that come with moving in together from clearing out drawers and making space in your closet to divvying up chores and settling on a budget. Now that you’re more comfortable living with each other, it might be time to start decorating and deciding on a decor style.

Whether you have a new shared space together or are moving in with your partner, choosing a decor style is important. Not only is it an opportunity for you and your partner to work together as a team on a large project, but it’s also a way to showcase your home’s unique style. Together, you’ll have to either decide how to blend your opposing decor styles or decide on one decor style. 

Six Months After Moving in Together

At six months, you and your partner are really starting to turn your house (or apartment) into a home. It’s finally time to start entertaining guests or even host friends and family from out of town. If your current space has a spare bedroom, you might have to consider converting it to a guest room if you often have friends or family staying over. Another alternative would be to invest in either a blow-up mattress or pull-out couch. 

If you’ve been using your spare bedroom as a glorified storage space, consider renting a small 5×5 storage unit to clear your space of clutter and create a more welcoming environment for your guest as well as you and your partner.

One Year After Moving in Together

Couple moving a couch together.

After a year of living together, you’ve hopefully built a happy home filled with laughter, new experiences, and the occasional compromise. At this time all of your memories have piled up in the form of recreational equipment, souvenirs, and more. If your wardrobe has grown out of control or it feels about time to move some underused items out of the house, upgrade to a larger 10×10 unit. 

Conversely, you might be thinking about upgrading your home altogether. Maybe it’s time to come out of that apartment that has now become too cramped for the two of you or you want to move into a larger space as you consider starting a family.

Storage Options for Every Milestone

No matter where you are in your journey of moving in with your partner, self-storage can come in handy. Whether you’re downsizing your own items before you move in with your partner or you and your spouse need a storage unit to store the contents of your home while you house-hunt, Premium Spaces has a storage unit that will suit your needs. Don’t forget about our moving and packing supplies available for sale to help organize your transition. 

There’s no need to feel cramped when you’re trying to build a life with your partner. Premium Spaces offers units ranging in size from 5×5 up to 10×20 with climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled options. With the space you’ll create, you’ll have plenty of room for the items you have with your partner as you grow together.