How to Organize Your Holiday Decorations Like A Pro

Posted October 27, 2020 in Self Storage Tips

Holidays are about spending time with others and engaging in the season’s special cheer, but let’s be honest; organizing your holiday decorations doesn’t really accomplish either. Still, to create the holiday home you’ve always wanted, it’ll take a little organizing to accomplish. Here are some tips for how to organize your holiday decorations, from Halloween to New Year’s and every celebration in between.

Take Inventory and Label Everything

a woman wearing a santa hat is holding a box of ornaments and decorating her tree with those ornaments

Holiday decorations are a somewhat unique challenge. Most of the time, they aren’t utilized, sitting in storage and waiting for their day to shine. However, holiday decorations are faithfully re-used every year, the same family decorations delighting and warming the heart year after year.

As a result, while taking the effort to categorize, take inventory, and label things may take a long time and be a hassle initially, you can reap the benefits for years. Ask yourself:

  • What items do I have?
  • Which items are most important?
  • What is the best way to sort my items?

Pro Tip: Use color coding for everything, whether it’s via stickers or a colored marker. Not only will this help you more easily determine where things are immediately, but color coordinating is scientifically proven to be a benefit in helping you to understand categories. This makes it easier to think through the process!

Think Before You Pack

We’ve all been there: You open a box of holiday decorations only to find the thing you need buried under a bunch of other items that you might not need. When packing your items, don’t just start packing things in their boxes—think about how you’ll get them out next year. In other words, be sure you put the things you will first use in your boxes last. It’ll save you headaches later. 

Thinking before you pack extends beyond how you pack. Spend a little extra time on these items, which can easily be damaged if you’re not careful:

  • Put your Christmas tree back in its original box; if not possible, use plastic wrap to transport and store it
  • Whether it’s ghosts or angels, store your inflatable yard decorations in boxes on their own, and be sure not to include any sharp things in the same box
  • Store those fragile ornaments in an egg carton or plastic cups lined with tissue paper—or purchase a specific ornament storage container from your local hobby shop

Use a Self Storage Unit

Be it Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hannukah, decorations for these end-of-year holidays are fun to put up in your home. It’s also very easy to justify the purchase of another cute item—after all, just one more isn’t going to move the needle. However, you have to store those holiday decorations somewhere, and if you’re one of the many Americans with limited storage space in your home, it can be hard to justify valuable space for items you only use once a year.

That’s where self storage comes in. With units ranging in size from small to extra-large, there’s a storage unit that will fit your needs and your budget. Plus, with month-to-month rentals, you can rent your unit for exactly how long you need. Organizing your holiday decorations is easy with self storage. Find your perfect storage unit at one of our storage facilities near you, and rent online today!