How Wine Storage can Help with Your DIY Wedding

Posted April 7, 2022 in Self Storage Tips

Wedding season is here, which means lots of wedding planning. Being engaged is a happy milestone of your life, so when it comes to wedding planning you want to be organized and stress-free. DIY weddings are more popular than ever with the chance to make your wedding your own and even cut down on high wedding expenses. One factor that can rack up a high cost for weddings is alcohol. But with wine storage and standard storage units available at Premium Spaces, we can help you save money and create your perfect DIY wedding. 

DIY Wedding Planning 

Planning for your wedding comes with lots of fun, collaboration, and creativity, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bit stressful at times. From creating your own decorations to finding the perfect DJ and caterer to planning bridal showers and other pre-wedding events, you have a lot on your plate. Climate-controlled storage is a great solution for  storing items like your place settings, decor, and even your wedding dress. Just remember to store your dress in a sealed garment bag for extra protection. 

Storing Wine for Your DIY Wedding 

The best way to cut wedding costs is by supplying your own alcohol. If you plan to serve wine at your wedding, wine storage is a great solution for you. Equipped with air and humidity control, storing your wine at a designated storage facility is sure to keep your wine prepared for your big day. By gradually purchasing wine up until your wedding day, you will not only save money but also create a collection of wine that is perfect for you and your guests. 

Alternatively, if you have a signature wine that you’ve bought in bulk, our Frisco wine storage facility offers wine storage lockers large enough to hold up to 60 cases. More than enough for even the largest weddings! 

Try Wines in a Tasting Room

Storing wine for your wedding at a wine storage facility will also give you access to tasting rooms where you and your wedding party, spouse-to-be, or wedding planner can sit down to taste test wines in order to finalize the details of your dinner. Whether you need to create a wine list for your receptions or want to create an upscale dining experience by creating wine pairings for each course, tasting rooms save you the trouble of toting your wine between your home and the storage facility. 

Find Wine Storage With Premium Spaces

Whether you need a standard storage unit to store wedding decorations or a wine storage solution, Premium Spaces has you covered. Our Frisco Wine Storage facility allows you to store and taste test wines from your collection as you put the final touches on your DIY wedding. Don’t need wine storage? Choose a climate-controlled or non-cimate-controlled storage unit in Frisco or another Premium Spaces facility throughout Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 
No matter which storage option you choose we are there to help your DIY wedding go off without a hitch. Rent a wine storage locker at Frisco today or choose a Premium Spaces facility near you to get your wedding planning started.