Is Downsizing a Good Idea?

Posted March 26, 2020 in Self Storage Tips

For many living in Oklahoma City, downsizing could be the ticket to a simpler, more carefree life. Especially as retirement nears, the reality of living in a too-large house pushes empty-nesters to consider selling. But is this really the time to download real-estate apps and sell everything you own? Reno Avenue Self Storage has these pros and cons to keep in mind as you contemplate this important next step.

Adjusting to Less Square Footage

Moving to a smaller home often requires quite a bit of adjustment. Less space may mean no more holiday dinners with immediate and extended family. And if you host out-of-town guests on a fairly frequent basis, they may have to stay at a nearby hotel when visiting. You might not have space for a sewing room, man cave, or office. Unless you donate or sell a good number of belongings, self storage may be in order. Storage units help prevent clutter while allowing easy access to your things when you need them.

Downsizing Saves Money—If You’re Smart About It

Downsizing can ease the financial pressures that sometimes come with a reduction in income. Even if you’ve planned well for retirement, adjusting to a new budget can be challenging. While selling your family home and moving to a smaller one can bring substantial rewards, it’s important to watch out for financial pitfalls. Know what your home is really worth before you begin your search for a new one. Get reports on area home sales from Zillow or Trulia for a general idea of local property values. Then, hire an independent appraiser for a more precise figure.

It’s also important not to assume that a smaller place will be considerably less expensive. Although you’ll likely pay less for utilities and other square-footage-related costs, a new condo with all the bells and whistles may be closer in cost to your traditional four-bedroom house than you realized.

Storage Whether You Downsize (or Not)

Fewer and smaller rooms mean less to clean—or less money to pay a professional cleaner. Having less space can even force you to focus on the number of possessions you own, making it easier to stay clutter-free. Storage units are often invaluable to those moving to smaller homes.

Reno Avenue Self Storage in Oklahoma City, OK, has storage for every stage in your life—from college to your first home and right on through to retirement. Looking for storage? Don’t overthink it: Contact us for assistance or reserve one of our secure, conveniently located storage units online today!