Organize Your Storage Unit with These Tips

Posted November 2, 2021 in Self Storage Tips

Cluttered storage unit with boxes stacked up to the ceiling.

Have you recently moved to a new home, performed some much-needed spring cleaning, or wrapped up a winter season that involved the purchase of several seasonal items? For any number of reasons, the amount of belongings or available space you have can change, and not always for the better. When there’s too much stuff and nowhere to put it, you can start to feel cramped, disorganized, and unable to relax in your own home. When this happens, you rely on self-storage to create some breathing room.

But what about when your storage unit starts to feel a little cramped? Organizing your unit, like your home, can create a little space and make it easier to get what you need from your storage unit. The storage experts at Premium Spaces have plenty of tips for packing those common items like beds, TVs, clothes, etc., but knowing how to store certain items isn’t everything. Determining how items should be stored once they’re safely packaged will ensure that you’ve maximized your storage space and can quickly pull items from storage without having to unpack your unit for one small item.

No matter if you’ve just rented your first unit with us, or are looking to reorganize your current unit, read on to get the inside scoop on the best ways to organize your storage unit from your friends at Premium Spaces!

Storage Unit Organization Ideas

Though there is a nearly unlimited variety of methods for storage unit organization, there are several pieces of conventional wisdom that will bring you a long way to a setup that feels easy and makes sense to you:

Create an Inventory List of Your Items

Whether you already have your belongings in storage or you’re prepping them to go into storage having an inventory list of what you have in storage will help you keep track of what you have in storage so you don’t have to worry if you can’t find something in your home. To really take your inventory list to the next level, number all of your boxes in storage and use those numbers to accurately account for what you have in storage and where they are stored. One final tip: Keep your inventory list in a safe spot in your home. Not in your storage unit. This will help you avoid a trip to your storage unit if you’re looking for something you can’t find at home.  

Store Items By Type

Perhaps the most logical assumption, but an opportunity still missed by many people who are in a hurry to move things as quickly as possible. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you figure out what categories of things you’ll need to store in advance. For example, bathroom products and accessories can be kept in one area, while kitchenware and cutlery are reserved for a separate space. Store books with books, electronics with electronics, and so on.

If it helps, label your bins/boxes with words so you know what’s in each, or color coordinate them so you can tell at a glance what you’re looking to find.

Store Items by Season

Not everything you keep for your home needs to be in your home all year round. The same goes for organizing seasonal items in your storage unit. Whether it’s chunky winter sweaters or summer cookout supplies, it’s always best to organize items used during the same season together so they’re easier to find when the time comes. When packing your seasonal items it’s also a good idea to store related items together so that you don’t have Christmas garland mixed in with Halloween spider webs. 

Big Items First

If furniture, large appliances, or heavy yard tools are on the agenda, then assuming you won’t be taking any of them in and out frequently, you’d best relegate them to the back. This is because they take up the most space, so you need to have as much space as possible up front to maneuver them around. Putting a spare refrigerator on top of your kitchenware boxes is a recipe for disaster. The fridge is heavy and hard to move, while the box can be shuffled around to fit wherever there’s space.

 In some cases, you can take advantage of the vertical space above other items to make the most of your storage unit organization. For example, placing boxes on top of couch cushions (as long as you don’t stack them too high and risk them falling), or placing something on top of the fridge. To make the most of your storage unit, you need to think in three dimensions.

Use Bins and Other Interior Storage

When figuring out how to organize a storage unit, some people will make use of any bookshelves, racks, bins, and other storage devices they have to maximize their use of space. This makes sense, but if you get a little more creative, you can also take advantage of the natural space provided by other, existing items. For example, you might be able to store clothes inside your washer and dryer, or small items inside a microwave.

Though these are valid strategies, you should prioritize the safety of your belongings first. You can always rent a larger storage unit, so there’s no need to cram your appliances full of heavy items that risk breaking them and setting you back hundreds of dollars. This storage unit organization idea only works if it makes sense. If you have to force it, or you’re at all concerned that you shouldn’t put one item inside another, then don’t take this approach. There are other strategies.

Keep Things You Need at the Front

We’ve touched upon this a bit already, but if you intend to store items that you’ll need regular access to, then to save time and frustration, it’s best to keep those at the front of the storage unit. This way you don’t need to go digging through and rearranging your storage unit when you need to grab the thing you need.

Map Out Your Unit

There’s nothing worse than moving your items into storage or rearranging your space to add new items only to find that you’ve run out of room. To help combat this, draw out your storage unit and map out which items should go where. Plotting out your space will give you an idea of how many boxes you need, which size will be best, and help you plot out the best pathways in your unit if you plan to make frequent visits to your unit. If you’re rearranging your unit in an effort to get more organized, mapping out your unit may also help you determine if it’s time to upgrade to a larger unit.

A Little More Space Goes a Long Way

Premium Spaces knows that extra storage can go a long way to transforming your moving or home organization experience and we’re honored to service Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Oklahoma residents who need it. If you’re in the market for some professional storage help, featuring expert cleanliness, advanced security features, and climate-controlled units, and flexible access hours, you can find all of that and more at a facility near you today!

Don’t forget to take a look at our storage size options, and reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to answering your questions and calling you a customer soon!