Prepping Your Boat for Storage in the Off Season

Posted September 10, 2020 in Self Storage Tips

That crisp chill out on the water feels good now, but winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about prepping your boat for storage. Your boat had a busy summer entertaining your kids and taking friends fishing. That faithful watercraft needs to be shown a little loving boat prep before winter sets in. Follow these steps to make sure your boat is prepped for storage during the off-season and will be in the best condition possible come next spring:

Start with the Engine

Take the boat out for an end-of-summer run, and pay attention to signs or sounds that might indicate engine trouble. Once you’re sure everything is running as expected, start your winter boat prep checklist with the mechanical system.

  • Flush and clean the engine, then drain fuel lines.
  • Change the oil, replace filters, and flush the cooling system.
  • Pump out holding tanks before adding antifreeze to the head.
  • Run a general check on your boat’s electrical system.
  • Fill up the gas tank, and add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Charge the battery before disconnecting and removing for storage.

Clean with Detailed Care

a man is working on the motor of his boat ahead of putting it into storage for the season

Cleaning and prepping your boat for storage is a big job. Detailing it from bow to stern heads off problems like mold, mildew, and pest invasions. Your boat deserves the extra care.

  • Use a biodegradable cleaner to safely scrub out the bilge.
  • Discourage mold and lingering odors by thoroughly cleaning livewells.
  • Scrub the hull, and take care of dings and scratches.
  • Wash down the boat deck, topsides, and all other exterior surfaces.
  • Clean and check under cushions, in corners, and behind fixtures.
  • Clean out coolers, cabinets, and drawers, and sanitize any food prep areas.
  • Put silica gel products in strategic locations to minimize moisture problems.

Find Secure Boat Storage

Once you finish up winter boat prep, it’s time to size up your best boat storage solutions. Traditional marina storage can put a big dent in the budget, and dry stacked storage doesn’t always offer easy access.

A self storage facility near you has a variety of standard and climate-controlled options for boats of all shapes and sizes. Most locations offer a variety of units that include these boat-friendly benefits.

  • Affordable leasing options
  • Access seven days a week
  • Facility-wide security systems
  • Online account management and auto pay
  • Professional on-site storage experts

Prep Your Boat for an Easy Spring Launch

Winter will be over before you know it. Your boat will be ready because you took care of prep and stored it with us. Until then, trust Premium Spaces to keep that craft safe, secure, and ready for another springtime launch. Find a self storage unit near you at one of our premium facilities throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, and Louisiana.