How to Properly Pack Your Wine Collection for a Move

Posted August 26, 2022 in Self Storage Tips

Woman leaning against a packing box and holding up glass of red wine.

Whether it’s a decades-long hobby or picking up a casual bottle here or there, wine collecting is something many people across the world enjoy. However, safely transporting your exquisite collection when moving to a new home or city can feel a bit overwhelming thanks to the many safety precautions and regulations you may face during the process. Luckily, Premium Spaces is here to help. This guide is curated to provide you with the tips, tricks, and helpful reminders you’ll need to safely get your wine collection to your new destination.

Have Your Collection Appraised

No matter how large or expensive your wine collection may be, it’s always important to have it appraised by a certified professional before your big move. This ensures that you know the exact value of the wine you are relocating and can take out an insurance policy on the wine so you can get reimbursed in the event that damages occur when it’s being transported. At a minimum, you should take pictures of your collection so you can keep track of what you have and the condition they were in at the start of the move.

Pack Up Your Collection Properly

When relocating your wine collection, having the proper packing supplies is crucial for a successful move. Wine should be stored in boxes padded with Styrofoam and cardboard inserts in order to keep the wine bottles safe and secure and prevent them from clanging into each other during transportation. These boxes can be purchased at many stores where wine is sold.

The bottle’s cork also needs to remain wet, or it will shrink and begin to allow air into the bottle and compromise the wine. Keep the corks wet by storing the bottles upside down or on their sides in the box when moving your wine collection.

Move Your Wine in a Climate-Controlled Setting

Shifting climates as you’re moving your wine collection can have a detrimental impact on it, as shifting temperatures or extreme heat can ruin the flavor of the wine and cause it to expire prematurely. Because of this, you want to keep your wine in a steady environment when transporting it.

If your wine collection is smaller, consider moving it in the car with you and keeping the air conditioning set to a cool temperature in order to keep the surrounding environment stable. If you have a larger collection, a moving company with a climate-controlled van may be necessary for keeping your collection safe.

Learn the Local Regulations on Moving Wine

A very important step in relocating your wine collection is finding out what the local regulations on transporting and storing wine are in your new county. Some states or counties have laws regarding the transportation of wine or how much alcohol you can bring into the area for personal consumption. A simple Google search can often lead you to the information you need but contacting the local government can also be very effective if you have additional questions past what can be answered online.

Check in With Your Moving Company

If you are utilizing a moving company to transport your wine collection, make sure to speak with them about it first before the trip. Not only will this alert them to be careful when handling your valuable wine collection, but if they have specific procedures or policies about moving alcohol, they can be addressed early on in the moving process. If you have hired a company that does not move wine or other alcohol, knowing that before the move can save you stress on the day of the move.

Allow the Wine To Rest After Unloading

Finally, once you have safely transported your wine to its destination, make sure you let it rest before popping the cork and celebrating your move. The shaking and movement of the bottles during the transportation process can impact the flavor of your wine, a phenomenon called “bottle shock.” For every day of travel, you must wait seven days to open your wine after the move for the wine to settle. So if the relocation of your wine took three days to wrap up, you should wait 21 days to open and enjoy a bottle from your collection.

Find Wine Storage Units With Premium Spaces

If you’re concerned about having a good spot to store your wine during or after your move to a new home, don’t worry—Premium Spaces is here to help! Many of our locations feature climate-controlled units that can work as a safe, makeshift wine storage option when you’re in a pinch, and month-to-month leases allow you to keep your unit only for as long as you need it.