Spring into Summer: Student Storage for Summer Break

Posted May 21, 2020 in Self Storage Tips

As more and more students each year make the choice to attend an out-of-state school, even more are looking for solutions to make moving back home for the summer and moving back to school in the fall simpler. If you’re attending Texas A&M University and need student storage, Lock N Roll Storage in College Station has solutions that will fit your budget, your needs, and your school schedule.

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7 Reasons for College Students to Use Summer Storage

1. Your Belongings Stay Here

If it doesn’t fit in a suitcase, leave it in your storage unit. Park your tables, chairs, books, and bookcases in storage with one quick stop. Now all you have to haul back home are a few packed bags.

2. You Save Money and Time

Affordable student storage saves money because you’re not renting a truck for the road. You’re not covering insurance and gas, and you don’t have to return the truck when you’re done. Time is money. Storage units save both.

3. Drive-Up Units Rock

A drive-up unit puts you in a perfect position to offload furniture and books. You don’t have to drag boxes down long hallways. Just roll up, park, and move things out of the truck straight into your unit.

4. Your Belongings are Secure

Layers of security are another reason summer storage for college students works so well. High perimeter fencing, automated gates, and facility-wide video surveillance are just a few of the security features that protect your unit.

5. It’s All Online

Online access to storage covers everything except the move. Size up units, make reservations, process a lease, and manage payments online. That kind of convenience lets you click your way to affordable summer storage.

6. Your Family Loves It

Summer storage for students makes summer move-out and fall move-in easier on the family, too. They don’t have to rearrange an entire room or clean out closets to hold all your extra stuff. They also don’t have to help you load and unload.

7. Student Storage Works Year-Round

If you’ve been living on campus, you know how small a dorm room feels. Even an apartment quickly fills up. Expand your space by holding on to self storage year-round. Not enough in your budget to do so? Expand your budget by sharing the unit with a friend.

We Make All Your Moves Easier

Need storage near Texas A&M? We’re here for you. At Lock N Roll Storage in College Station, we’re all about making extra space fit you and your student budget. Need somewhere to stash your stuff this summer until you move in next fall? Reserve or rent your unit online today.