Storage Security Features You Should Look For

Posted September 2, 2021

Disk lock on storage door.

Just because you’re storing your belongings doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them. There are plenty of reasons to put items in storage—from planned moves to sudden life events that force you to do so. Besides, if you didn’t want to keep the items in the first place, you can always throw them away.

That’s why you should pay attention to available security features when picking your storage facility. Not every storage facility has the same security features, and depending on what you’re storing, those security features may be the deciding factor. 

At Premium Spaces, we pride ourselves in providing secure self-storage near you. We’ve put together a guide on which storage security features you should look for, and how our Storage Defender system brings modern technology to the security game. 

Fencing and Entry Gates

The first line of defense to your storage unit is facility fencing. Depending on the type of facility, this could be a literal fence, brick wall, or something else. Fully indoor storage facilities may not have fencing, but the facility itself features locked doors that can only be accessed by staff and the renters within the facility. 

Coupled with fencing are the gates that allow access to the facility. Many gates feature an electronic keypad and require a unique PIN for entry. Other gates feature hands-free access via a smartphone app, and some other facilities have open gates that are closed when access hours are over for the day.

Questions you should ask about fencing and entry gates include:

  • What is the fence made of?
  • Who has access to the facility 24/7, if anybody?
  • How do I get into the facility during access hours?

Bright Lighting Throughout

Whether your storage facility has 24/7 access or not, there are times during standard access hours when you’ll probably need to stop by when it’s dark outside. These nighttime or early morning trips are necessary and significantly improved by the presence of lighting at the facility. This lighting has obvious utility in helping you see, and it also helps provide peace of mind. 

But that’s not all bright lighting is good for—bright lighting is a security feature that helps deter crime. In a study performed by the University of Chicago, researchers found that increased levels of lighting decreased robbery, property crimes, and other index crimes by 36%. So, when looking for a storage facility, you’ll want to head towards the bright lights. 

Wireless Video Cameras

“Smile, you’re on security camera!” These signs are commonplace at restaurants, retail establishments, and gas stations. Security cameras are a modern cornerstone in how businesses can monitor their operations and identify suspects of crime and suspicious activity. 

Security cameras are also a great security feature for storage facilities. There’s a big security difference between a facility that has security cameras and one that isn’t. Like bright lighting, the mere presence of security cameras can deter crime by 50% or more

But not all security camera situations at storage facilities are the same. Questions you should ask include:

  • What kind of security camera coverage is there?
  • Who is monitoring the cameras?
  • How long is security footage kept, and who reviews them? 

Unit Alarms and Locks

The final barrier of protection for vandalism and robbery within a storage facility is the storage unit lock. Many storage facilities will stipulate that you lock your storage unit. But every storage facility approaches unit locks differently. Some facilities will have built-in locks that you may use. Others may supply a standard lock for your use, and still others will require you to purchase or supply your own lock. 

The best locks for storage units are disc locks. While they function identically to padlocks, they are more secure than padlocks due to their round shape and shielded shackle. Padlocks are much easier to open with a pair of bolt cutters, and are therefore not as secure. Additionally, some storage facilities will feature individually alarmed storage units, which present another layer of security. 

Questions you should ask include:

  • Do you supply a lock?
  • What kinds of locks work with your storage units?
  • Are your doors individually alarmed? 

How Secure is Self Storage?

The security of self-storage depends on the quality of security features at that facility. The presence of bright lighting and video surveillance can help deter crime, and high-quality disc locks and solid perimeter fences or walls can help make burglaries even harder. 

Still, it is no secret that burglaries still happen at self-storage facilities. Padlocks can be cut, cameras worked around, and fences climbed. Thankfully, modern technology can help fill the gap. 

Storage Defender

Premium Spaces is proud to partner with Storage Defender to make our storage facilities as safe as possible. Storage Defender is a unit monitoring and technology service that provides maximum peace of mind. Each unit equipped with Storage Defender protection features an individual alarm monitor that informs you and the facility whenever the door is open.  You can even access a video feed of your individual unit from your phone!

Rent Your Secure Storage Unit Today

A secure storage combines cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true security methods. Here at Premium Spaces, we’re proud to provide secure storage units near you. With dozens of facilities across Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Oklahoma, there’s a storage unit near you with your name on it. Find your secure storage facility and rent today!