Summer Storage for College Students

Posted May 5, 2021 in Self Storage Tips

a female college student looking distressed leans her elbows on a moving box while staring at the remaining boxes to pack

With another year of college coming to a close, it’s time to leave the dorm that you’ve called home the last several months. For many students, moving out of your dorm is simple. But for many others, such as out of state students, finding summer storage isn’t as simple. 

Thankfully, no matter if you’re a local student or one from across the country, there are summer storage solutions for college students. At Premium Spaces, we’ve got some of the best student storage tips to help you pack your dorm in preparation for summer break. 

How to Pack Your Dorm for Summer Storage

If you’ve taken care when moving into your dorm at the beginning of the year, you likely have a wide variety of storage items. In general, be sure to use high-quality cardboard boxes or, if you are able, easily stackable plastic bins, which have the benefit of being see-through. You’ll also want to organize well—so say hello again to those sharpies and labels that you used during your move in.

Additionally, when storing those items for the next few months, it’s important to properly do so in order to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear.

Bedding and Bath Supplies

Before storing your bedding and bath supplies, you’ll absolutely want to wash your linens and washable materials before storage to prevent stains and smells that you will not want when you take them out of storage. This applies to blankets, towels, sheets, and anything else that can be safely stuffed in a washer or dryer. 


Like with your bedding and bath supplies, wash, dry, and fold your clothing before putting them in boxes or hanging them up for storage. In addition, you can also take the opportunity to take inventory of your clothing. Did you wear some items more than others? Did you not wear something all year? Use your findings to be more efficient for next year’s clothing selection.

School Supplies

If you can continue to use school supplies next year, then by all means do so. But when you’re packing school supplies in your labelled boxes, do keep in mind that it’s potentially easier to get some new supplies when you return rather than re-using what you have. And as far as those notes that you’re not sure you’ll need again? Err on the side of caution—you can always get rid of them later, but you can’t bring them back from the trash if it turns out you need them.


Those snacks you brought? It’s time to finish the perishable ones, because you certainly don’t want to find rotting or spoiled food among your belongings when you come back. Otherwise, make sure that your electronics, personal items, and furniture are properly wrapped in protective blankets to minimize the possibility of damage.

Moving Your Belongings for the Summer

two men moving a small couch from a moving van

Once you’ve got all your dorm belongings sorted in their respective boxes, bins, and containers, it’s time to move your belongings to their storage space over the summer, whether that’s your parents’ home or a student storage facility near you. 

College students have a few options to choose from when deciding how to move their dorm room belongings. The first option is the easiest and the cheapest—just do it on your own! Of course, this option isn’t always the best or the most convenient. If you’ve got a small vehicle, live far away, or have a disability, moving your stuff on your own may not work.

Another option is to simply hire a moving company. Many local, regional, and national moving companies offer college dorm moving services. The downside here is the cost: hiring a moving company is the most expensive way to move your belongings.

Looking for a way to split the difference? Renting a moving truck for your student storage needs is a great option. Moving truck rentals are affordable, and some storage facilities even offer free use of a moving truck with your rental. 

Store Your Belongings with Us for the Summer

Once you’ve got your belongings packed and your method of transportation locked down, now comes the most important part: where do you store your belongings? For those students whose homes are near their college, you just can’t beat storing your belongings at home, especially if you plan on using some of them over the summer.

But not everyone has that opportunity for various reasons. That’s where self storage comes in. With storage unit sizes ranging from 25 square feet all the way to 300 square feet (and sometimes beyond, depending on the facility), you’ll be able to find an affordable and clean storage solution for your belongings. 

Here at Premium Spaces, we’re committed to providing college students with the summer storage they need. With month-to-month rentals, you won’t have to worry about a long-term contract keeping you bound to a storage unit through the school year. And with easy online rentals and autopay, it’s never been easier to find and rent a storage unit that’ll work for you. Rent your storage unit at one of our facilities in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma today!