Storage Types

storage available for personal or commercial use

Personal Self Storage

Storage needs can change as quickly as the seasons, whether you’re moving to a larger house to accommodate for a growing family or downsizing for a lifestyle change. No matter how great or small your need for additional space is, we have units to give you the extra room you need. Our smallest units, 5×5, are perfect for personal items such as clothes, outdoor tools, seasonal items, or small furniture. Our largest units, 10×30, are about the size of an extra-large one-car garage and can easily store the contents of a single-family home.

Commercial Self Storage

Businesses need additional room as inventory and personnel fluctuate. When your local business is cramped for space, the knowledgeable staff at our various facilities across the U.S. can help you find the perfect unique for your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking to store important documents and need climate control or have equipment you don’t need access to for a few months, our units are equipped with a variety of features and amenities to give you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business.

Wine Self Storage

Select facilities feature wine storage, which winemakers and collectors love due to our safe, secure, and beautifully maintained lockers. Local businesses and restaurants love our wine storage, as it provides space for them to order in larger quantities for better rates. Our wine cellar storage units are kept at 55-58 degrees and are humidity-controlled, equipped with a backup generator to ensure consistent refrigeration. Our private metal lockers are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest of which holds 24 cases (285 bottles) and the largest of which holds 500 cases (6,000 bottles).

Our wine units have wide doors, and larger units have roll-up doors. The units can hold packed cases or wine racks, and customers who rent wine storage units can use our wine lounge to relax and show off their collections to guests. Your wine collection is safe and secure, thanks to motion detectors, alarms, digital video surveillance, and a unique security code.

Reserve Your Premium Self Storage Space

Whether you’re using self storage for personal or business reasons or need a premier space to store your wine collection, you can trust the experts at our facilities throughout the nation to help you find the ideal storage unit. Reserve a unit at your nearest self storage facility today!